On September 21, 2022, 10,000 pine seedlings were planted in the Irkutsk region with the support of S7

50,000 pines on 12.5 hectares were planted by volunteers of the federal project to Plant the Forest in Irkutsk Veresovka in five days!

The final day of the action promised to be the most difficult. The weather forecast promised a storm warning, rain, snow and gusty wind up to 36 meters per second. The Ministry of Emergencies proposed unnecessarily not to leave Irkutsk. With such starting possibilities, we were seriously afraid that the Irkutsk people - and families with children were going to come - at the last moment they could refuse to participate. But we were in vain worried. Our volunteers do not let us down, and the weather played up for people. Yes, windy, even the banner was vomited from the fasteners. But all the time, while the volunteers annoyed the pine trees, the sun shone.

People worked together and controversial. And, it seems, they were a little sad when it turned out that the seedlings were planted throughout the intended territory. Nice fatigue and glee from the birth of the future summer - performs every landing. The volunteers looked with interest how the pine trees differed on the first day of the rally from their seedlings only five days later. Each little pine trees have already mastered in a new place and fluffed with needles. Nature takes its own, demonstrating the triumph of life even in a small one.

The project of Plant the Forest thanks the administration of the city of Irkutsk for cooperation in the implementation of this project. But the biggest thanks to those people who in the most different weather and even in a storm wind came and planted pines. We cannot list everyone with a name (350 people planted this forest!). But I really want you to know: without your good hands and open hearts, this forest would not be possible. Our forests will grow, our children will grow up, and now adult uncles and aunts will go through their forests with their children, tell them how they planted them with dads and mothers. And then new forests will be planted with their children! And the story will happen again! Here it is, mystery!

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