On October 11, 2021, 10,000 trees were planted in the Lipetsk Region with the support of SBER

On October 11, near Lipetsk, next to the main pollutant of the region, the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant, we planted a forest as part of the All-Russian project “Plant a Forest”!

The nearest blast furnace is 800 meters away.

10,000 young pines pulled needles to the sun where the forest once perished. But first things first.

Together with the team of the Lmpezky forestry and the Lipetsk Sberbank, we planted forests in an ecologically unfavorable area - there is less than a kilometer to the blast furnaces of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine. Pipes ... Never seen the pipes of a factory smoke so much. The forest is around, and picking mushrooms is strictly prohibited. And living in these places is still a pleasure. And the pine forest should become a barrier from these emissions for residents of the Lipetsk region. Employees of the Lipetsk Sberbank surprised even the foresters from the Lipetsk forestry (with whose help this work became possible today): in 4 hours, 40 volunteers planted 2.5 hectares of pine forest. A special shovel - Kolesov's sword, a bucket of seedlings and a long ridge for each team of two. Every 60-70 cm you need to dig, plant a two-year-old seedling and give it with a spatula. And then another bucket and a new ridge. And so 10,000 trees were planted. The volunteers were fed with hot buckwheat powder with mushrooms. We are grateful to the Lipetsk Ministry of Forestry for the well-coordinated work on the coordination of organizational issues. Everything is thought out in the project, even reusable dishes. For the whole day, a small bag (mostly paper napkins) of garbage is collected from such a company. We are left with a clear meadow and a new forest. It is an honor to be part of such a project. Already on Wednesday, October 13, our team will plant a pine forest in the Ryazan region near Shilov. Then an oak grove in the Tula region, and we will go to Orenburg to organize the planting of an elm forest. Now, within the framework of the "Plant a Forest" project, Volunteers plant forests every day throughout Russia. It is a pity that the autumn is short!

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