"Plant wood"
Working methodological manual
With plants. Find out how to organize a forest nursery and work in it
Working methodological manual с растениями.
Find out how to organize a forest nursery
And work in it

What is inside
We have collected instructions that will help you create a forest nursery, collect seeds, organize flower beds and get your first seedlings of trees.

about the author
Pavlov Alexander Aleksandrovich - Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, biology teacher in lyceum No. 18 in the city of Eagle, the head of the eco -parting "Eagle".

In 2006 and 2012, he was named among the best teachers of the Russian Federation. He has public awards for personal contribution to the protection of nature and many years of environmental education and the education of youth: the Golden Cross “National Home”, the medal “For the development of ecological education in the Russian Federation”, the title of VVC laureate, Yanush Korchak medal for victory in the All -Russian competition “Pedagogical Innovations” .

Practical tasks
You will learn about how different types of fertilizers affect the growth and development of seedlings; Learn to determine cleanliness, germination, quality class and the actual norm of seed sowing; Learn to draw up landscaping projects

Sowing methods are diverse. Seeds of wood and shrubbrack can be sown in a continuous way of scope, ordinary and furrier, lowercase, sockets, nesting, spiking and aerial.
The best breeds for overwhelming the coast of rivers are willow and poplar, as they germinate from stakes and cuttings.

Seedlings are planted with naked roots and with blocks of soil around the roots. During their workpiece, it is advisable to lower the naked roots in the soil-clay talker, brought to a state of sour cream.
In the forest, tea can be obtained from the leaves of strawberries, raspberries, kyra, blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries, heather. Tea is fragrant and tasty, but has a medicinal value: lingonberry - from rheumatism, in blue - with a stomach disorder, strawberry - from stone disease.

Quotes from the book
Reliable cultivation of protective plantations can only be ensured by strict protection of young plantings from livestock.
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