Republic of Udmurtia

Petrova Evgeniya and Alexandra Shivrina - PosadiLes coordinators in the Udmurt Republic

   Meet two beautiful girls, leaders of the ECA movement in the Udmurt Republic -Evgenia Petrova and Alexandra Shivrina.Despite all their fragility and femininity, they with courage and courage took on such a difficult task as reforestation in their region. Already5 yearsthey plant 1,000 trees a year in disaster-affected areas and in their hometown park.

The first large-scale planting of trees within the framework of the project took place in2012 yearand were carried out jointly with the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic: in Zavyalovskiy, Malopurginskiy, Votkinskiy and Uvinskiy regions.

More about planting in the Udmurt Republic

  2010 yearbecame a real test for the Udmurt forests. The drought killed the spruce plantations. The forests of the south of Udmurtia were particularly affected. The drought was followed by insect pests (barbel, bark beetle), which switched from drying trees to healthy ones. When the spruce food supply ran out, they took up the pines.

Sanitary felling of the affected forests is still being carried out. That year, Udmurtia was the only region that declared an emergency regime on its territory.

   В 2013 yearthere was a desire to organize tree planting within the cityIzhevsk, чтобы в ней принимали участие семьи с детьми разных возрастов. Для посадок был выбран парк им. Кирова, и это неслучайно – он самый большой  в  городе, в любое время года и любую поyear здесь очень много отдыхающих, занимающихся активными видами спорта, семей, гуляющих с детьми, и пожилых жителей города. После засухи 2010 yearmost of the spruce trees in the park were hit by a beetle, which caused the trees to fall in strong winds. Sanitary felling of diseased and dry trees began in the park - this is how a territory appeared where it became possible to organize planting. At the request of activists, management approved the annual planting1000 pine treesprovided by Udmurtles. Landings in the park are held in the fall, and this day becomes a holiday for all participants. Before a new planting, it is imperative to check the survival rate of seedlings of past years: for the park zone it is small, but the first planted pines have already grown to human height. I really want the park to retain the atmosphere of a real forest, and most importantly, that this forest will be planted by the residents of the city.

“After the first landing, I fell in love with this process with all my heart. The feeling from this activity is such as if you are creating the future - creating living space for the next generations, creating life itself. When you stand next to a large tree and realize that it may be 100 or even 200 years old, you understand its wisdom. Trees bring us the energy of our ancestors, and we, in turn, thank our descendants by planting trees today ”, -shared by Evgenia Petrova.

“I am a forestry engineer by profession and vocation. Anyone who has visited the forest at least once will not be able to remain indifferent to it. And a person who every day observes his history of becoming and growing up will not be able to ignore his problems. The forest can live without human help, provided the latter is completely absent. But the reality is that the forest and people live side by side. Due to technical equipment and not always respectful attitude to trees, a person depletes forest resources. Therefore, I believe that reforestation is the business of every sane person ", -adds Shivrina Alexandra.

Now in a world where there is no way to do everything, where we do not have time to exhale from a lot of things, there is an opportunity to plant trees with one click .

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