Regulations on the Open Competition for the Organization of Volunteer Forest Planting within the Project "Plant a Forest" 2020

The Interregional Environmental Public Organization "ECA" (hereinafter - the "Organizer of the Competition"), within the framework of the "Plant a Forest" project, is holding an Open Competition for organizers volunteer forest plantingaimed at involving citizens in forest restoration activities (hereinafter referred to as the "Competition").

Purpose of the Competition - stimulation of activist and volunteer activities to restore areas affected by insect attacks, forest fires, freezing rains or other natural disasters.

Competition budget200,000 rubles (two hundred thousand rubles).

The 6 best landings will be supported within the Competition.

For 1st place - 50,000 rubles.

2nd place - 40,000 rubles.

For 3rd place - 35,000 rubles.

For 4th place - 30,000 rubles.

For 5th place - 25,000 rubles.

For 6th place - 20,000 rubles.


Geography of the Competition - all regions of the Russian Federation.

Competitors - citizens of the Russian Federation, whose age at the time of planting is at least 18 years old. In addition to those who are already in contractual relations with MEOO "EKA" or the service "Plant a forest" represented by IE Gorokhova E.S.


Requirements for landings submitted for participation in the Competition

Planting requirements:

  • refers to forest areas. For example, this category includes forest lands (NOT RENTED, not in private ownership, without the threat of development), protected areas, forest park areas, etc .;
  • suffered from fire, freezing rain, hurricane, insect pests, and not just a business felling;
  • is in convenient transport accessibility so that volunteers can be delivered, seedlings, equipment, household materials, water, etc.


Planting must be approved by the territory administration or local forestry department.

The number of trees planted when organizing planting is at least 500 seedlings for the Southern Federal District and the North Caucasus Federal District, at least 2,000 seedlings for the rest of the federal districts of the Russian Federation.

It is advisable to use at least two tree species when planting in a ratio from 30% to 70% to 50% to 50% (this is not a prerequisite).

The area of ​​the restored territory is from 1 hectare.

The number of boarding participants is at least 20 people.

Planting should not coincide with the All-Russian Day of Forest Planting, "Forest of Memory", "Save the Forest" and other forest restoration campaigns.


Conditions and deadlines for accepting applications for the Competition

Planting announcement must be sent to the curator of the project "Plant a forest" no later than 6 calendar days before the date of planting by mail The content of the announcement: the date of planting, the name of the region, district, the nearest settlement, the number of seedlings and tree species, the area of ​​the restored territory, the time and place of meeting with the volunteers, full name. and the mobile phone of the Landing Organizer (Contest Participant).

In addition, the Organizer of the planting (Participant of the Competition) must "create a promotion" no later than 6 calendar days before the planting. To do this, in your personal account on the website go to the menu item "My shares", then "Create a new offer".

Send a short report on the day of boarding to the name of the place and the name of the forestry, the number of participants, the area of ​​planting, the number and species of seedlings, 3-10 photographs. Or a link to a reporting post that will contain the listed information.

Complete boarding report must be completed within 5 business days after the event in the personal account of the "Plant a forest" campaign on the website in accordance with the requirement of this Regulation and the Boarding Instructions published in your personal account in the "Materials" section on

1) Photo report in accordance with the TK (TK see the Instructions for organizing planting in the personal account of the action "Plant a forest" in the section "Materials"):

- 100 selected best and high quality photos posted on Yandex.Disk;

- a close-up of some of the landing participants;

- panoramic photos of the landing site;

- collective photo of all boarding participants;

- close-up photo of planted seedlings / seedlings;

- a photo with a sign "Plant a forest", which can be downloaded from the link:

2) Video clip in accordance with the TK (TK see the Instructions for organizing planting in the personal account of the action "Plant a forest" in the section "Materials"):

- upload video from landings on Yandex.Disk... To edit the video, use the plates with the logos of the Plant a Forest service and ECA movements, which can be downloaded here:;

- a story about planting a forest (3 minutes);

- interviews with participants about why they plant the forest;

- panoramic shooting of the landing process by a quadcopter (optional);

- final shooting by a quadrocopter along the landing boundaries (optional);

- fixation of GPS coordinates by a quadcopter (optional).

3) At least 4 points of GPS coordinates, which can be used to determine the contours of the restored forest area (TOR see the Instructions for organizing planting in the personal account of the "Plant a forest" campaign in the "Materials" section).

4) A detailed text report on the planting, but no more than one page of text, with thanks for the organization and comments of participants, foresters, volunteers, partner organizations, etc. A vivid description of the event indicating the following data: planting date, landing place, reason for choosing a place ( fires or other natural disasters), number of participants, composition of participants (students, foresters, partners, representatives of public organizations), number of trees planted, tree types, comments of participants and organizers.

This information will be published on the website and in the social networks of the project. As a report, you can send a link to your feedback on social networks, which contains this information. In the post, you need to indicate hashtags: # ecovics # actions # eco-activism # posiles.

Not allowed to participate in the Competition:

- organizers of partner (commercial) plantings of the project Plant a forest.


Dates of the Competition

March 10, 2020 - Announcement of the Competition.

October 31, 2020 - deadline for accepting applications for participation in the Competition.

November 18, 2020 - the official announcement of the winners of the Contest.

Planting period: from March 23 to October 31, 2020.


Evaluation criteria and determination of the winners of the Competition

  1. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.
  2. When determining the winners, compliance with the deadlines for submitting the announcement and report, as well as compliance with the conditions for organizing boarding and the quality of the report, photos and videos described in this Regulation and the Boarding Instructions will be taken into account.
  3. Предварительный отбор заявок осуществляют координаторы проекта Plant a forest. Определение победителей Конкурса осуществляется командой проекта Plant a forest.
  4. The winners of the Contest will be announced on the website and in the social networks of the project no later than November 18, 2020.

IEOO "ECA" is not obliged to send notifications to applicants about the results of consideration of their applications (reports) for a grant and give explanations about the reasons why applications (reports) were not supported, including reporting information on the assessments and conclusions of the application review committee ( reports).

  1. All applicants who have sent applications for participation in the Competition will be notified of the results of the Competition in writing within one month after the announcement of its results. First of all, the winners of the Contest will be notified.


Rights to photos / videos / articles and other objects of copyright

  1. The Participant of the Contest transfers to the Organizer of the Contest the rights to use materials, including but not limited to photos, videos, written articles about events and other materials (hereinafter referred to as Materials), which the Contractor undertakes to provide in accordance with the terms of the Contest.
  2. The Participant of the Contest transfers to the Organizer of the Contest the right to carry out (use) and authorize the following actions in relation to the Materials and / or their parts: reproduce on any material media in one or more copies without limitation of circulation; reproduce by recording into the computer memory an unlimited number of times; distribute by selling, donating, exchanging, renting and otherwise; communicate (including showing, performing and broadcasting) to the public by broadcasting and (or) subsequent broadcasting; communicate (including showing, performing and broadcasting) to the public by cable, wire or other similar means; publicly display; alter (rework), including provide comments, notes, prefaces, afterwords and others, place advertising and other information on the Materials, use fragmentarily, use to create new intellectual property, including multimedia, use in conjunction with other works and other intellectual objects property (in collections, databases, collages, etc.), etc .; communicate to the public (Internet, television, radio).
  3. The Contest Participant grants the Organizer the right to use the Materials in the specified manner throughout the entire world, for a period of 10 years with automatic prolongation for 5 years an unlimited number of times.
  4. The Participant of the Contest transfers the specified rights to the Materials to the Organizer of the Contest free of charge, regardless of the results of the Contest. The Contest Prize is not a reward for Materials.
  5. The Contest Participant guarantees that the Materials were created by his sole creative work, including without the participation of co-authors; when creating the Materials, they did not violate the copyright or any other rights of third parties, including the right to image and privacy, the Contest Participant received all the necessary consents to use images of individuals. The Contest Participant guarantees that he has all the rights that he transfers to the Organizer, and that the transfer and use of the Materials does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, that the Materials have not been transferred on an exclusive basis to any person and will not be transferred during the copyright period.


Consent to the use of personal data

By submitting an application for participation in the Competition, the Participants agree to the processing of personal data of the Participants submitted together with the application for the Competition. (including last name, first name, patronymic, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address and other data), including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal data for purposes of organizing and holding the Competition.

The Participant hereby grants permission from MEOO "EKA" for the cross-border transfer of the Participant's personal data.

This consent is valid indefinitely and can be revoked at any time based on the request of the Contest Participant.

If the Participant fails to provide the data required by the Regulations of the Competition, such a Participant may be denied participation in the Competition. The Organizer is not responsible for non-fulfillment of obligations related to the Contest if such failure occurred due to the destruction of the Participant's personal data as a result of their recall by the Participant. In case of withdrawal of personal data specified in the application or otherwise necessary for the Contest, the Participant may be disqualified.


This grant announcement is not a public offer.

The rules stipulated by Articles 447 - 449 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation are not applied to the granting of a grant.


The owner of the service and the grantor is:


Interregional environmental public organization "ECA" (MEOO "ECA")

Yur. address: 117403 Moscow, st. Nikopolskaya, 4

ИНН 7724299109/КПП 772401001

ОГРН 1107799034530

Account 40703810738110001733

PJSC "Sberbank of Russia"

БИК 044525225

Correspondent account 30101810400000000225

Director Gorokhova E.S.

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